Thursday, September 10, 2009

"West Bend is on Madison's radar to be mocked and ridiculed!"

Ms. Maziarka seems to be worried that "West Bend is on Madison's radar to be mocked and ridiculed." This in a WISSUP complaint about an upcoming ACLU fundraiser, at which Michael Tyree and Maria Hanrahan "will share their story of a book challenge this year in West Bend, WI." (Congratulations to them, by the way!)

She's probably exaggerating, but if there is ridicule, WHO is really to blame?

Lets see, there's one group who want the library to turn over literature for a public book-burning, and another who think all gay-affirming books should be hidden from teenagers, or at least "balanced" with scientifically discredited books on dangerous therapies aimed at changing sexual orientation. We've got people claiming that "removing" a book isn't the same thing as banning, and claiming that turning one's personal political agenda into public library policy isn't censorship. Half the town seems to think there are dirty books in the library and are up in arms about it, even though they've never bothered to look at any of them. I guess that shouldn't be surprising, since it turns out that neither Maziarka nor the other members(?) of the WBC4SL nor the CCLU bothered to read any of the books they've so publicly decried, and can't begin to explain what criteria they use to decide which books are objectionable and which aren't. They go around quoting law books and Supreme Court decisions they clearly do not comprehend and don't even know how to evaluate, since they don't understand the most rudimentary structures of the U.S. legal system, and can't be bothered to read even an introductory text on the subject. And then there are Internet Filters, a mantra they chant as if the mere sounds of words will dispel all objectionable materials and objectionable people from the public library, some magic that will enable computers to faultlessly identify all pornography, even though human beings can't agree on the definition of the concept. We've got people who portray the American Library Association, a small, advisory group, as some mighty giant strong-arming control away from local taxpayers, who are presumed to know better than professional librarians how to run a library. And rumbling under the surface, leaking out just once in a while, more seriously deranged idiocy like censoring books on evolution or those witchcraft-provoking Harry Potter novels.

No... there's nothing worthy of ridicule in any of that! (Sarcasm.)


  1. I just love it when Ginny feigns indignation over other people's "rude" comments. This last post seems to focus on some of Maria's comments, which frankly aren't really offensive at all. It's not like Maria was comparing anyone to Hitler. Ginny certainly has never made any disparaging/offensive/demeaning/hateful remarks about anybody.


  3. Anonymous: I love the shirts and stickers. I had been thinking of a T-shirt that said "Banned In West Bend." Not sure of the art work, though. Maybe you can come up with something.

  4. Just made some updates - check it out.