Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ethics Code?

In aFriday post on the WISSUP blog, Maziarka presents a section of West Bend government ethics code, with highlights, under a title referring to library director Tyree's anticipated appearance at an ACLU fundraiser in Madison. The implication seems to be that Tyree is somehow violating the ethics code, although she doesn't come right out and say that.

Of course, director Tyree's appearance is in full compliance with the ethics code Maziarka highlights. Here, as with the Free Speech issues surrounding her blatant attempts at censorship, Maziarka demonstrates a failure to grasp the basic structures and meanings of anything legal. She highlights the phrase "independent, impartial" as if it implied preferrential treatment for her. She highlights "best interests of the City" as if that meant the best interests of Maziarka. She highlights "should be above reproach," when the only real reproach comes from her, deeply habituated as she is to harassing library staff and government officials.

In her public statements regarding the West Bend library, Maziarka exemplifies the textbook symptoms of an anti-social personality, unconcerned with the law or the rights of others. It is typical of strong neuroses that the sufferer resists rising OUT of the neurosis by trying to drag the rest of the world IN to the neurosis. This attempt to bend public perception to her personal world-view is possible only within West Bend. Within a small community, the interplay of familiar personalities and alliances both political and personal can make it difficult for individuals to perceive that they are being sucked in to a fantasy.

With regard to the attempted censorship in West Bend, the best thing that can happen is state and national publicity. At those levels, local personalities and alliances simply become less important, and the underlying neurosis becomes plainly visible. In this regard, any publicity beyond West Bend is definitely "the best interest of the City." Maziarka expresses concern that with such publicity "West Bend is on Madison's radar to be mocked and ridiculed." Here again, Maziarka confuses herself with the city of West Bend.

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