Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Parents as a Trojan Horse for Censorship

In communities across America, we're witnessing a widening censorship epidemic in the public schools. the new "activists" leading the charge seem intent on removing or restricting everything from books like My Friend Flicka and Of Mice and Men, to educational films, to sex education curricula.

The mostly conservative political groups funding and guiding many of these challenges are trying to convince the public that they are motivated solely by parental concern about "values" and what's being taught in our classrooms. In fact, reality tells us that this parental concern is more of a "Trojan horse" for the long-term political agenda of Right-wing lobbying groups seeking to control what our children learn.
--Arthur J. Kropp, then president of People For the American Way, writing in War of Words: The Censorship Debate, edited by George Beahm, Kansas City: Andrews and McMeel (1993), p. 189.

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