Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Common Sense Citizens?

Today's post on the WISSUP blog announces a new website for the Common Sense Citizens of Washington County or CSCWC. I don't know what role, if any, this might play in the ongoing library debate.

This (Censorfreelib) blog being dedicated to issues of Censorship, I will not here critique any other issues that might appear on the new website, just as I have restrained myself from commenting on most of the other issues raised on the WISSUP blog (sometimes biting my tongue to the point of pain).

As to the library issue, I can only say that I am surprised to see the WISSUP blog give support to an organization that lists its number one value as the "US Constitution." The would-be censors of West Bend have demonstrated a profound lack of understanding of the role of the Constitution in the U.S. legal system. They seem unable to recall that the Constitution protects intellectual freedom even in West Bend, and prohibits the officialization of any religion.

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