Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Global Warmism (sic) and Banned Books Week?

SafeLibraries is quite right, in his Tuesday post, to point out the similarities between Global Warming and Banned Books Week: denying either requires an impressive ability to ignore empirical evidence.


  1. So you saw that one as well, I don't read SafeLibraries very often so I just happened upon it. It made me shake my head.

    Did you read "The Book Banners Hollywood Ignores" article? It seems to insinuate that because there's a war going on, we should ignore all other issues and only focus on the war. I certainly don't mean to trivialize it but, there's multiple issues always going on.

    Although it would beh andy if we could say "Now you there, global warming, censorship, homophobia. Just hang on a sec, we'll get back to you just as soon as we deal with this."

  2. Thanks for pointing that one out, Meghan. I'll be sure to read it. I haven't read all of the articles he lists, because after reading a few they got really repetitive.

  3. You're welcome. Yeah, were that many articles truly necessary?

    SafeLibraries reminds me of a comment on a webcomic I once read (great source of information eh?) "I choose to be tolerant of tolerant people, and intolerant of intolerant people." Which is why I don't read his blog.

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