Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Spiral Into Medievalism

In an article this morning, the Fond du Lac Reporter summarizes the West Bend library controversy. I was struck by one particular paragraph quoting Library director Michael Tyree:
“About 10 days ago, the couple filed an open records request for the library’s expenditures involving reimbursements. I gave them that. Now, another person within their group of supporters wants us to re-catalog books that are science but from a creationist viewpoint. I told her no,” Tyree said.
I've been waiting for exactly this to happen. Maziarka's attempt to control library contents and policies to meet her political agenda establishes a ridiculous but dangerous precedent. The alliance of supporters forming the WBC4SL has to be a fractious group with a variety of such political agendas. This so naturally parallels the creationist-evolution debate in public schools that I've been surprised NOT to hear earlier of this attempt in West Bend.

All I know about the creationist-evolution angle in West Bend is what I've read in the article referenced above. Anybody out there with more details, please post more here.

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