Monday, July 27, 2009

Staying on Message?

The WBC4SL continue to demonstrate an inability to stay on message. Wasn’t it supposed to be about obscenity, and wasn’t it supposed to be about protecting children?

The logo pictured here is what Maziarka objects to on this morning’s post to her Wissup Blog. She writes, “The logo shows a naked women lying on top of a book. You get the idea.” Of course, on reading those words, the image created in the reader’s mind is far worse than the reality. This is typical of the WBC4SL’s entire argument about obscenity in the library: insinuate into the minds of the public something that doesn’t exist in reality. is a legitimate website for booklovers. It is by and for grownups, but isn’t in the least bit obscene. The West Bend Library links to it under “Adult Programs and Booklists,” not under “Young Adults.” Again, we see that the WBC4SL’s claim to be protecting children is a ruse to control all of the library’s content.

This is also a good test case for the problem of internet filters. This website is one that would be blocked by most filtering services, not because it is obscene (it isn’t), but just because it uses the word slut. Blocking this site from access by young children might be OK, not because the site is a danger to them in any way, but because it is just too grown up for them. But most filters will also block this site from young adults and adults, who should be able to access it. Yes there are ways of dealing with that, but they all place a burden on librarians and patrons alike. The effect: censorship plain and simple.


  1. Well, if this isn't one of the most misinformed blog posts I have ever read!

    WBCFSL off topic? The blog is WISSUP. It is not a library blog, though the blogger is heavily involved with WBCFSL. WISSUP carries a variety of topics, the library issue notwithstanding. It is not, nor ever has been, a WBCFSL blog.

    Next, where do I say that I object to anything? At all?

  2. I do refer to your post as the Wissup blog, and I do realize that covers more than library issue, which I shall try my best not to respond to from by libray-focused blog.

    Actually, I was trying to be polite by acknowledging your role as spokesperson for the WBC4SL.

    And you did object to by making an issue of it and calling the West Bend library "unprofessional" for linking to it. I hope your not now trying to say that your post was support for that link.

    And yes, you are badly off message with this one. Remember: Kid's, not adults, and obscenity, not in evidence here?